Take 5 Jazz



  • This week I’ll start with alto & tenor saxophonist Art Pepper with Ted Brown and Warne Marsh on tenor sax, Ronnie Ball: piano, Ben Tucker: bass, Jeff Morton: drums recorded November 26th  1956 track from “The Complete Free Wheeling Sessions”
  • Tenor saxophonist Curtis Amy  track from his lp  “Tippin’ on Through”  recorded in 1962 with Roy Brewster: trombone, Roy Ayers: vibes, John Houston: piano, Bob Whitlock: bass, Lawrence Marable: drums
  • Tenor saxophonist Dexter Gordon track from “Live in Wilhelmshaven” recorded june 12th 1976 with Rein de Graaff:  piano, Earl May: bass, Joe Curtis: drums
  • On trumpet you’ll hear Harry “Sweets” Edison  track from his album “Sweets” recorded September 4th 1956 with Ben Webster: tenor sax, Barney Kessel: guitar, Jimmy Rowles: piano, Joe Mondragon: bass, Alvin Stoller: drums
  • The Ben Webster special track 140/520 now” Ben in Paradiso-Amsterdam” recorded in 1968 with Cees Slinger: piano, Rob Langereis: bass, Han Bennink: drums
  • Alto saxophonist Johnny Hodges track from “Wings and Things” recorded july 27th 1965 with Wild Bill Davis: Hammond organ, Lawrence Brown: trombone, Grant Green: guitar, Richard Davis: bass, Ben Dixon: drums
  • Tenor saxophonist Harry Allen , track from his cd “Soul of my Life” recorded august 1st 2006 with Monty Alexander: piano, Hassan Shakur: bass, Herlin Riley: drums
  • Jimmy Witherspoon(vocals) with Dick Morrissey on tenor sax, Harry South: piano, Phil Bates: bass, Phil Seamen: drums, track from “Live in London 1966”
  • Pianist John Burch track from his album “John Burch Octet” recorded march 1963 with Mike Falana: trumpet, John Mumford: trombone, Graham Bond: alto sax, Stan Robinson: tenor sax,Miff Moule: baritone sax and the rhythm section: Jack Bruce on bass and drummer Ginger Baker
  • The Surinam Music Ensemble track from “No Kiddin’” recorded in 1989 Eddy Veldman: drums, Pablo Nahar: bass, Glenn Gaddum: keyboards, Jeroen Goldsteen: vibes, Franky Douglas: guitars, Jogi Gillis & Ponda O’ Bryan: percussion


  • This week I’ll start with pianist Freddie Redd, track from his recording “Shades of Redd” recorded august 13th 1960 with Jackie McLean: alto sax, Tina Brooks: tenor sax, Paul Chambers: bass, Louis Hayes: drums
  • Tenor saxophonist Curtis Amy track from the lp “Mustang”  recorded January 26th 1967 with Leroy Cooper: baritone sax, Jimmy Owens: trumpet, Kenny Barron: piano, Carl Lynch: guitar, Edgar Willis: bass, Bruno Carr: drums
  • On trumpet you’ll hear Linley Hamilton track from his cd “Making Other Arrangements”  recorded in 2018 with Cian Boylan and the Camden Orchestra
  • Drummer Dave Weckl track from his new cd “Live in St. Louis” at the Chesterfield Jazz Festival 2019 with Jay Oliver: keyboards, Tom Kennedy: bass, Gary Meek: saxes, Buzz Feiten: guitar
  • Vibraphonist Ruben Estrada track from “Get Out of my Way” recorded march 16th 1996 with Henry Estrada: saxes, flute, Ruben Estrada: drums, Raul Rico: congas, Joe Rotondi: trumpet
  • Vibraphonist Milt Jackson & tenor saxophonist Coleman Hawkins track from “Bean Bags” recorded September 12th 1959 with Tommy Flanagan: piano, Kenny Burrell: guitar, Eddie Jones: bass, Connie Kay: drums
  • The Ben Webster special track 139/520 “The Art Tatum-Ben Webster Quartet” recorded September 11th 1956 with Red Callender on bass, and drummer Bill Douglass
  • Vibrafonist Lionel Hampto track from his l “You Better Know It” recorded October 28th 1964 with Clark Terry: trumpet, Ben Webster: tenor sax, Hank Jones: piano,Milt Hinton: bass, Osie Johnson: drums
  • Vibraphonist Alfredo Chacon  track from his cd “Caliente Corner” recorded in 2018 with Bryan Lynch: trumpet, Gito Maleta: piano, Rodner Padilla: bass, Georvis Pico: drums,
  • Tenor saxophonist Tubby Hayes  track from his album “Quartet in Scandinavia” recorded February 18th 1972 with Staffan Abeleen: piano, Niels H.O. Pedersen: bass, Alex Riel: drums
  • Tenor saxophonist Bill Perkins  with a track from his cd “I Wished on the Moon” recorded November 23rd 1989 with the Metropole Orchestra conducted by Rob Pronk


  • This week I’ll start with tenor saxophonist Oliver Nelson, track from his album “Fantabulous” recorded july 1964 with Phil Woods, Ben Tucker, Grady Tate
  • Vibraphonist Mike Mainieri track from his album “Blues on the other side” recorded in 1962 with Bruce Martin: piano, Julie Ruggiero: bass, Joseph Porcaro: drums
  • Drummer Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers with a track from “Buhaina’s Delight” recorded November 28th 1961 with Freddie Hubbard: trumpet, Curtis Fuller: trombone, Wayne Shorter: tenor sax, Cedar Walton: piano, Jymie Merritt: bass
  • Alto saxophonist Jim Snidero, track from “Live at the Deer Head Inn” recorded in 2020 with Orrin Evans: piano, Peter Washington: bass, Joe Farnsworth: drums
  • Tenor saxophonist Harry Allen and bassist Mike Karn with a track from the cd “Milo’s Illinois” recorded October 2020
  • Tenor saxophonist Sam Butera and the Witnesses  track from his lp “The Big Horn” recorded in 1958
  • Pianist Rob Madna track from his lp “I got it bad and that ain’t good” recorded july 20th 1976 with Koos Serierse on bass and drummer Eric Ineke
  • The Ben Webster special track 138/520 now Ben and Dexter Gordon in Baden 1972 with Kenny Drew: piano, Bo Stief: bass, Ed Thigpen: drums
  • Tristan’s new cd “What could possibly go wrong” Jaycilee Teterissa: vocals,  Guy  Nikkels: guitar, Coen Molenaar: keyboards,  Frans Vollink: bass,  Sebastiaan Cornellisen: drums
  • Bassist Shez Raja track from his new album “Tales from the Punjab”  with Fiza Haider: vocals, Ahsan Papu: bansuri, Zohiab Hassan: sarangi, Kashif Ali Dani: tabla, Qamar Abbas: cajon
  • The Aurex Jazz All Stars, track from the lp “ live in Tokyo “  recorded September 1st 1982 with J.J. Johnson & Kai Winding: trombone, Clark Terry: trumpet, Dexter Gordon: tenor saxophone, Tommy Flanagan: piano, Kenny Burrell: guitar, Richard Davis: bass, Roy Haynes: drums
  • Tenor saxophonist George Coleman track from “Live in Arnhem” recorded februay 2nd 1978 with Fritz Pauer: piano, Jimmy Woode: bass, Tony Inzalaco: drums

No. 1076

  • This week I’ll start with John Plonski on trumpet, track from the lp “Cool Man Cool” recorded in 1957 with Carl Janelli on baritone sax, Dominic Cortese: electric accordion, Chet Amsterdam: bass, Mel Zelnick: drums
  • Pianist Arnold Ross track from “Arnold Ross Sextet” recorded in 1952 with Ronnie Scott: tenor sax, Derek Humble: alto sax, Jimmy Deuchar: trumpet, Sammy Stokes: bass, Jack Parnell: drums
  • The Kurt Edelhagen Orchestra track from “The Unreleased WDR Jazz Recordings 1957-1974” this track is from January 26th 1963 with Karl Drewo & Gerd Dudek: tenor sax, Derek Humble: alto sax, Falay Maffy: trumpet
  • Drummer Steve Gadd track from his new album “At the Blue Note Tokyo” with David Spinozza: guitar, Walt Fowler: trumpet, Jimmy Johnson: bass, Kevin Hays: keyboards
  • On trumpet you’ll hear Jimmy Deuchar  track from his album “Swingin’the Blues” recorded in 1957 with Derek Humble: alto sax, Tubby Hayes: tenor sax, Eddie Harvey: piano, Kenny Napper: bass, Phil Seamen: drums
  • The Ben Webster special, track 137/520  “Les McCann presents the dynamic jazz organ of Richard “Groove” Holmes” with Ben Webster on  tenor sax, Tricky Lofton: trombone, Les McCan: piano, George Freeman: guitar, Ron Jefferson: drums,  recorded march 1961
  • The Derek Humble Quartet, Humble on alto sax, Bora Rokovic: piano, Bob Carter: bass, Stuff Combe: drums,  recorded November 5th 1963
  • Jo Stafford: vocals track from the lp “Jo + Jazz” recorded july 15th 1960  with Ray Nance, Conte Candoli, Don Fagerquist: trumpets, Lawrence Brown: trombone, Johnny Hodges: alto sax, Ben Webster: tenor sax, Harry Carney: baritone sax, Jimmy Rowles: piano, Bob Gibbons: guitar, Joe Mondragon: bass, Mel Lewis: drums
  • Baritone saxophonist Harry Carney  track from his lp “The Duke’s Men” recorded September 15th 1960 with Willie Cook: trombone, Ed Mullins & Ray Nance: trumpet, Booty Wood: trombone, Paul Gonzales: tenor sax, Rollins Giffith: piano, Aaron Bell: bass, Sam Woodyard: drums
  • Pianist Rob Franken with his quartet Ferdinand Povel on tenor sax. Ruud Jacobs: bass, Rogier van Otterloo: drums
  • The Johnny Dankworth Orchestra recorded at BBC studio 1959
  • On Bass Saxophone you’ll hear James Carter  track from his album “Chasin’ the Gypsy” recorded in 2000 with  Regina Carter: violin, Jay Berliner: guitar, Charlie  Giordano: accordion, Steve Kirby: bass, Cyro Baptista: drums


  • This week I’ll start with guitarist Wes Montgomery 2 tracks from the cd “The NDR Hamburg Studio Recordings” recorded april 30th 1965 with Johnny Griffin & Ronnie Scott: tenor sax, Ronnie Ross: baritone sax, Martial Solal: piano, Michel Gaudry: bass, Ronnie Stephenson: drums
  • On trumpet you’ll hear Donald Byrd with Barney Wilen on tenor sax, track from “Jazz in Camera” recorded july 1958 with Jimmy Gourley: guitar, Walter Davis Jr: piano, Doug Watkins: bass, Al Levitt: drums
  • Composer/Arranger Vic Lewis track from his lp “And his All Stars at the Beaulieu Festival” recorded in 1964 with Jimmy Deuchar, Keith Christie,Vic Ash, Art Ellefson, Ronnie Ross, Terry Shannon, Arthur Watts, Allan Ganley
  • On vocals you’ll hear Alyssa Allgood , track from her cd “What tomorrow brings” on Cellar Live records recorded august 5 & 6th 2020 with Michael Allemana:guitar, Dennis Carroll: bass, George Fludas: drums
  • Drummer Snorre Kirk track from his album “Tangerine Rhapsody” recorded in 2019 with Stephen Riley on tenor sax, Magnus Hjorth: piano, Anders Fjeldsted: bass
  • The Ben Webster special, track 136/520 the lp “Webster’s Dictionary”  recorded in London October 12th 1970 with Stan Tracy: piano, Dave Green: bass, Tony Crombie: drums, Alan Branscombe: vibes, Tony Gilbert 1st violin and leader
  • Pianist Spike Wilner  track from his cd “Aliens and Wizzards” recorded august 16th 2020 on Cellar Live Records with Tyler Mitchell: bass, Tyler Pinciotti: drums
  • Drummer John Engels, Joris Teepe: bass, Benjamin Herman: alto sax track from the new cd “When Will The Blues Leave” recorded 15/16 june 2020 ( at the Bimhuis Amsterdam)
  • On trumpet you’ll hear Dizzy Gillespie and his All Stars at the Chicago Jazz Festival august 29th 1980 with James Moody: tenor sax, Cecil Payne: baritone sax, Walter Bishop Jr: piano, Ray Brown: bass, Max Roach: drums
  • The last track in this program is for Miles Davis, track from  “Jazz at the Plaza” recorded in N.Y. 1958 with John Coltrane: tenor sax, Julian “Cannonball” Adderley: alto sax, Bill Evans: piano, Paul Chambers: bass, Philly Joe Jones; drums

No. 1074

  • This week I’ll start with vibraphonist Cal Tjader track from his album “Soul Burst” recorded February 1966 with Chick Corea on piano(just 25 years old), Attila Zoller: guitar, Richard  Davis: bass,  Carlos “Potato”Valdez: congas, Grady Tate: drums, Arranger/Conductor: Oliver Nelson
  • Tenor saxophonist Charlie Ventura  track from his album “Is it true about…” recorded in 1946 with Charlie Kennedy: alto sax, Barney Bigard: clarinet, Allan Reus: guitar, Milt Raskin: piano, Red Callender: bass, Nick Fatool: drums
  • New cd from 85 year old/young drummer John Engels with Benjamin Herman on alto sax  and bassist Joris  Teepe  track from the cd “When will the blues leave”
  • Drummer Snorre Kirk track from his album “Going Up” recorded in 2020 on Stunt Records with Stephen Riley & Jan Harbeck: tenor sax, Magnus Hjorth: piano, Anders Fjeldsted:bass
  • Pianist  Mike Pyne track from his album “Live at Ronnie Scott’s” recorded January 20th 1990 with Ron Mathewson: bass and drummer Spike Wells
  • The Ben Webster special track 135/520 now his lp “Did You Call?” recorded November 28th 1972 with Tete Montoliu: piano, Eric Peter: bass, Peer Wyboris: drums
  • Pianist Cees Slinger track from his cd “Sling Shot” recorded april 22nd 1985 with Clifford Jordan: tenor sax, Isla Eckinger: bass, Philly Joe Jones: drums
  • Drummer Buddy Rich  track from his lp “Live in Poland-Jam Session” with Barry Kiener: organ, Steve Marcus & Bob Mintzer: tenor sax, Mauro Turso: alto and tenor sax, Dean Pratt: trumpet