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No. 1000

  • I would like to thank my friends for their music: Katja Rieckermann,Joe Bonamassa, Alex Hahn, Oscar Schulze, Wouter Kiers,Bart Flos, Jay Tee, Jan Akkerman,Tom Browne,Phil Morrison, Ben Webster (61/520)Ruben Caban,Rafael Wressnig, Rob Franken,Ruud de Vries

After 22 years, show no. 0 !

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Show no.1000

Coming October will mark another milestone in the history of Take 5 Jazz. After twenty-two years we soon reach the thousandth show. I would ask of you to help me, much as I did when I reached the 500th show: please send me any rare or special jazzy or bluesy material, or send me a spoken promo, to make this show even more memorable!

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