Take 5 Jazz


program no.1136

  • Start my program with trumpeter Red Rodney and alto saxophonist/clarinetist Herman Schoonderwalt, track from the cd “Scrapple from the Apple” recorded January 12th 1975 with Nico Bunink: piano, Wim Essed: bass, Peter Ypma: drums
  • Pianist Hod O’Brien track from his cd “The Fabulous Hod O”Brien Trio” recorded December 15th 1986 with Harry Emmery: bass, John Engels: drums
  • Tenorist Tubby Hayes, track from his lp “TUBBS” recorded march 21st 1961 with Terry Shannon: piano, Jeff Clyne: bass, Bill Eyden: drums
  • Tenorist Ferdinand Povel. Track from his cd “Some other Blues”  recorded November 5th 1988 with Wim Overgaauw: guitar, Rob Langereis: bass, John Engels: drums
  • The Ben Webster special, track 196/520, this week Ben’s lp “Valentine’s Day 1964” with Dave Frishberg: piano, Richard Davis: bass, Grady Tate: drums
  • Vibraphonist Dave Samuels, track from his cd “Tjaderized” recorded in 1998 with Alain Mallet: accordion, Steve Khan: guitar, John Benitez: bass, Karl Perazzo: percussion, Horacio “El Negro” Hernandez: drums
  • Pianist Tsuyoshi Yamamoto, track from his lp “Misty for Direct Cutting” recorded February 2021 with Hiroshi Kagawa: bass, Toshio Osumi: drums
  • The Fletcher Henderson Big Band with Coleman Hawkins on tenor sax, recorded November 4th 1927
  • Trombonist/bandleader Demetrios Kastaris, track from his album “Trombon Con Sazon” recorded in 1998
  • One a the finest latin groups in the Netherlands Massada with Johnny Manuhutu, Rudy de Queljoe, Jan Jermias, Freddy Anindjola, Jopie Manuhutu, James Sabandar, Daniel Bloem Beretty, Alvin Manuhuwa, Nippy Noya

program no. 1135

  • Start my program with tenor saxophonist Klas Toresson, track from his cd “Fundamentals” recorded January 22nd 2022 with Leo Lindberg: piano, Kenji Rabson: bass, Moussa Fadera: drums
  • Guitarist Mart Soo track from his cd “KULGIII” recorded  October 2021 with Tuuli Velling: vocals, Raun Juurikas: keys, Taavo Remmel: bass, Brian Melvin: drums
  • Tenor saxophonist George Coleman, track from the cd “On Green Dolphin Street” recorded live at Jazz Club Hot House in Leiden april 9th 1974 with Rob Agerbeek: piano, Rob Langereis: bass, Eric Ineke: drums
  • Tenor saxophonists Michael Cheret & Scott Hamilton, track from “French Song” recorded in 2021 with Olivier Truchot: piano, Cedric Caillaud: bass, Andrea Michelutti: drums
  • The Ben Webster special, track 195/520, this week “The Big Sid Catlett Quartet” recorded march 25th 1944 with Ben on tenor, Marlowe Morris: piano, John Simmons: bass, Big Sid on drums
  • Pianist Carole Nelson, track from her cd “Night Vision” recorded in 2021 with Cormac O’Brien: bass, Dominic Mullan: drums
  • Marhid=Sergio Hidalgo: keys, David Margam: guitar and special guest the Italian saxophonist Gianni Vanci
  • On of the best vibe solos  I’ve ever heard, it’s just Milt Jackson (plus at the end the rest of the M.J.Q.)
  • Tenor saxophonist Dexter Gordon, track from the SteepleChase recording “Soul Sister” recorded February 24th 1963 in Copenhagen with Bent Axen: piano, Niels Henning Orsted Pedersen: bass, William Schiopffe: drums
  • Tenor saxophonist Curtis Amy, track from the Mosaic Box recorded in 1960 with Roy Brewster: trombone, Paul Bryant: organ, Clarence Jones: bass, Jimmy Miller: drums

program no.1134

  • Start my program with guitarist Iago Banet ( Swingtonnatiques), track from the cd “Pin-Ball Swing” with Cabe Garcia: guitars, Anxo Fersua: bass, Juan Padin: vocals, Roberto Grandal: accordion ( 2 tracks from this cd)
  • Guitarist Rene Thomas, track from his cd “Guitar Genius” with Henk Haverhoek: bass, Eric Ineke: drums  recorded in Utrecht 1972
  • Drummer Eric Ineke, 3 tracks from his new cd “Swinging, Boppin’and Burnin””with Jimmy and Doug Raney: guitars, Ruud Brink: tenor sax, Jesper Lundgard: bass, the second track Eric with Pepper Adams: baritone sax, Rob McConnell:valve trombone, Piet Noordijk: alto sax, Rein de Graaff: piano, Koos Serierse: bass, third track you’ll hear Eric with a trio Frans Elsen: piano, Jacques Schols: bass, recordings from 1982 and track 3 from 1989
  • Drummer Reinhardt Winkler, track from his cd “Let’s Face the Music” recorded in 2021 with Harry Allen: tenor sax, Wolfgang Puschnig: alto sax, Simone Kopmajer: vocals, John Di Martino: piano, Boris Kozlov: bass
  • Tenor saxophonist Charlie Ventura, track from his EP “Duke Ellington for Dancing” recorded june 10th 1953
  • The Ben Webster special, track 194/520 this week “Ben live at Stampen Stockholm” recorded august 13th 1969 with Lasse Sjosten: piano, Sture Nordin: bass, Frederik Noren: drums, Rolf  Ericson: trumpet
  • Big band from Arranger/conductor Gerald Wilson, track from his lp “Moment of Truth” recorded august 27th 1962 with Lou Blackburn: trombone, Carmell Jones & Al Porcino: trumpet, Joe Maine: alto sax, Bud Shank: alto sax & flute, Teddy Edwards & Harold Land: tenor sax, Jack Nimitz: baritone sax, Jack Wilson: piano, Joe Pass; guitar, Jimmy Bond: bass, Mel Lewis: drums

program no.1133

  • Start my program with bassist Don Bagley, track from his lp “Jazz on the Rocks” recorded in may 1958 with Eddie Costa: piano & vibes, Charlie Persip: drums, Phil Woods: alto sax, Sal Salvador: guitar
  • Tenor saxophonist Coleman Hawkins, track from the lp “Sirius” recorded December 20th 1966 with Barry Harris: piano, Bob Cranshaw: bass, Eddie Locke: drums
  • Tenor saxophonist Jesse Powell, track from his lp “Blow Man Blow” recorded in 1959, Eddie Williams: trumpet, Oscar Dennard: piano, Peck Morrison: bass, Wilbur Hogan: drums
  • Tenor saxophonist Eddie Chamblee, track from his lp “The Rocking tenor sax of Eddie Chamblee”  recorded February 24th 1964 with Dayton Seby: organ, Al Griffin: drums
  • Baritone saxophonist Lars Gullin, track from his lp “Lars Gullin with Strings” recorded march 30th 1964 with Rolf Billberg: alto sax, Nils Lindberg: piano, Bjorn Alke: bass, Jan Carlsson: drums
  • The Ben Webster special, track 193/520, this week Ben meets Piet Noordijk  “Johnny come Lately” recorded February 3rd 1973 with Irv Rochlin: piano, Rob Langereis: bass, Tony Inzalaco: drums
  • Tenor saxophonist Buddy Tate meets Dollar Brand, track from the cd “The Legendary 1977 Encounter”  with Cecil McBee: bass, Roy Brooks: drums
  • Tenor saxophonist Eric Alexander, track from his cd “Gentle Ballads 6” recorded june 11th 2021 with John Di Martino: piano, Dezron Douglas: bass, Willie Jones III: drums
  • Tenor saxophonist Grant Stewart, track from his cd “The Lighting of the Lamps” recorded November 5th 2021 with Bruce Harris: trumpet, Tardo Hammer: piano, David Wong: bass, Phil Stewart: drums
  • The Montreux Summit, recorded july 24th 1977 Stan Getz: tenor sax, Woody Shaw: trumpet, Janne Schaffer: guitar, Billy Cobham: drums (soloists)plus Alphonso Johnson: bass, Eric Gale & Steve Khan: guitars, Ralph MacDonald: percussion, Dexter Gordon: tenor sax,  George Duke :piano, Maynard Ferguson: trumpet

program no. 1132

  • Start my program with alto saxophonist Joe Harriott,  recorded july 6th 1956 with Max Harris: piano, Sammy Stokes: bass, Phil Seamen: drums
  • Dixieland and After at Royal Albert Hall, march 28th 1959 with the finest English musicans Tubby Hayes, Kenny Baker, John Dankworth, Danny Moss, Jimmy Skidmore, Ronnie Ross, Kenny Clare
  • Tenor saxophonist Klas Toressen, 2 tracks from his cd “Fundamentals” recorded January 24-25th 2022 with Leo Lindberg: piano, Erik Soderlind: guitar, Kenji Rabson: bass, Moussa Fadera: drums
  • Tenor saxophonist Michael Cheret with Scott Hamilton, 2 tracks from the cd “French Song” recorded in 2022 with Olivier Truchot: piano, Cedric Cailaud: bass, Andrea Michelutti: drums
  • On vibraphone, drums and congas Victor Feldman, recorded September 21st 1955 with Dizzy Reece, Jimmy Deuchar: trumpets, Derek Humble: alto sax, Ronnie Scott & Tubby Hayes: tenor sax, Harry Klein: baritone sax, Norman Stenfalt: piano, Lennie Bush: bass, Phil Seamen: drums
  • Tenor saxophonist Jiro Inagaki, track from the lp “Do You Know the way to San Jose”  recorded in 1970
  • The Ben Webster special, track 192/520 this week “The Horn”  recorded February 8th 1944 with Oran “Hot Lips” Page: trumpet, Clyde Hart: piano, Charlie Drayton: bass, Denzil Best: drums
  • Trumpeter Lasse Lindgren, track from his cd “Plays the Abba Songbook” recorded in 2015 with the Croatian Radiotelevision Jazz Orchestra
  • The Daily Mail International Jazz Festival All Stars: Shake Keane: trumpet, John Dankworth & Joe Harriott: alto sax, Tubby Hayes: tenor sax, Alan Branscombe: piano, Coleridge Goode: bass, Allan Ganley: drums recorded in London june 6th 1963

program no. 1131

  • Start my program with  pianist Himiko Kikuchi, track from his album “Don’t be stupid” recorded in 1980 with tenor saxophonist Ernie Watts
  • Pianist Max Lim, track from his cd “The 88-er and Friends” recorded December 1995 with Henk Haverhoek: bass, Han Brink: drums
  • Guitarist Iago Banet, track from his album “A Sunset Wine” recorded in 2019 with Graeme Wheatley: bass, Manuel Brey: drums
  • Trumpeter John Marschall, track from his cd “The Saint Petersburg Sessions” recorded july 24th 2017 with Andrey Zimovets: piano, Nickolai Zatolochnyi: bass, Egor Kryukovskikh: drums
  • Baritone saxophonist Kevin Goss, track from his album “Gratitude” recorded in 2018 with Brian O” Kane: trumpet, Dave Restivo: piano, Nathan Hiltz: guitar, Jim Vivian: bass, Ted Warren: drums
  • The Ben Webster special, track 191/520, this week Ben with a track from “ No Fool, No Fun” recorded October 27th 1970
  • The Preacher Men. Track from “Preaching Out Loud” recorded in 2016 Rob Mostert: Hammond organ, Efraim Trujilo: tenor sax, Chris Strik: drums
  • The N.Y. All Stars, track from “Burnin’in London” recorded November 20th 2017 Tenor sax: Eric Alexander, Piano: Harold Mabern, Bass: Darryl Hall, Drums: Bernd Reiter
  • The Brooklyn Sessions, recorded january 11th 2019 Marko Churnchetz: piano, Joris Teepe: bass, Billy Hart: drums
  • Tenor saxophonist Coen Kaldeway, track from his album “Vanishing Point” recorded in 2021 with Daan Herweg: piano, Tobias Nijboer: bass, Mark van Kersbergen: drums
  • Trumpeter Erik Palmberg, track from his album “In Between” recorded in 2021 with pianist Anton Dromberg
  • The Concord Super Band, track from the lp “In Tokyo”  recorded in 1979 with Scott Hamilton: tenor sax, Warren Vache: trumpet, Cal Collins: guitar, Ross Tompkins: piano, Monty Budwig: bass, Jake Hanna: drums

program no.1130

  • Start my program with  tenor saxophonist Zoot Sims, track from “Live at Ronnie Scott’s” recorded November 14th 1961 with Stan Tracey: piano, Kenny Napper: bass, Jackie Dougan: drums
  • Tenor saxophonist Johnny Griffin, track from his cd “Live at the Bimhuis” recorded September 14th 1990 with Rein de Graaff: piano, Koos Serierse: bass, Eric Ineke: drums
  • Singer Cynthia Thijs Coenraad, 2 tracks from her new cd “Walk Your Own Line” recorded in 2021 with Ronald Snijders, Tollak Ollestad, Frans Vollink, Sebastiaan Cornelissen, Tom Braxton, Cor Bakker, and more.
  • Trumpeter Maynard Ferguson, track from his first 12-inch lp “Jam Session” recorded February 23rd 1954 with Milt Bernhart: trombone, Herb Geller: alto sax, Bob Cooper: tenor sax, Claude Williamson: piano, John Simmons: bass, Max Roach: drums
  • The Ben Webster special, track 190/520, this week Ben meets Richard “Groove” Holmes, track from “Groove” recorded march 1961 with Tricky Lofton: trombone, Les McCann: piano, George Freeman: guitar, Ron Jefferson: drums
  • Trumpeter Rolf Ericson, track from his lp “Swedish Pastry” recorded in 1950 with Gosta Theselius: tenor sax, Arne Domnerus: alto sax, Lars Gullin: baritone sax, Reinhold Svensson: piano, Simon Brehm: bass, Karl Sanner: drums
  • Tenor saxophonist Lester Young meets pianist Teddy Wilson, track from “Pres meets Teddy” recorded January 13th 1956 with Gene Ramey: bass, Jo Jones: drums
  • Bassist Oscar Pettiford, track from his album “The Manhattan Jazz Septette” recorded june 7th 1956 with Urbie Green: trombone, Hal McKusick: alto sax, Herbie Mann: flute and tenor sax, Eddie Costa: piano and vibes, Barry Galbraith: guitar, O.P.:bass,  Osie Johnson: drums