Take 5 Jazz


program no. 1185

  • Start my program with tenor saxophonist Tubby Hayes, track from “Quartet in Scandinavia” recorded February 18th 1972 with Staffan Abeleen: piano, Niels Henning Orsted Pedersen: bass, Alex Riel: drums
  • Alto saxophonist Benjamin Herman, track from the EP “ One for Johnny” recorded in 2023 with Gideon Tazelaar: Tenor sax, Ian Cleaver: trumpet, Timothy Banchet: piano, Cas Jiskoot: bass, John Engels: drums
  • Pianist Noel Kelehan and guitarist Louis Stewart, track from the new cd on Livia Records “ Some Other Blues”
  • Tenor saxophonist Jan Harbeck, track from  “Copenhagen Nocturne” recorded in 2021 with Henrik Gunde: piano, Eske Norrelykke: bass, Anders Holm: drums
  • The Ben Webster special, track 240/520 this week Ben with Buck Clayton and the Henri Chaix band, recorded in Antwerp 1967
  • Ben Webster in Copenhagen 1965
  • Brew Moore in Copenhagen  1965
  • Don Byas in Copenhagen        1965
  • The Dutch Hobby Orchestra, track from “Our Time” new release from “Nederlands Jazz Archief//Dutch Jazz Archive”  with Tony Vos, Piet Noordijk, Ferdinand Povel, Frans Elsen, Joop Scholten, Evert Overweg, Herman Schoonderwalt
  • Tenor and alto saxophonist Alex Clarke, track from her cd “Only a Year” recorded may 4th 2022 with David Newton: piano, Dave Green: bass, Clark Tracey: drums
  • Guitarist Thomas Zoetelief, track from his cd “She Knows” recorded 2021/2022 with Koos Wiltenburg: bass guitar, Arno van Nieuwenhuize: drums, Martin Gort: percussion
  • The Millennium Jazz Orchestra featuring Lilian Vieira, track from the cd “Bleeding Amazonia” recorded june 13 & 14th 2021, arranger/conductor Joan Reinders and Dirk Balthaus: piano, Suzan Veneman: flugelhorn

program no.1184

  • Start my program with tenor saxophonist Adam York and the amazing Longboards
  • Trumpeter Thad Jones and drummer Mel Lewis, track from the lp “New Life” recorded in 1976 with George Mraz: bass, Walter Norris: piano, Frank Foster: tenor sax, Pepper Adams: baritone sax, Cecil Bridgewater: trumpet, John Mosca: trombone
  • The Ruud Jacobs(bass) All Stars, live in Loosdrecht june 29th 2004 with Ferdinand Povel & Sjoerd Dijkhuizen: tenor sax, Hans Vroomans: piano, Gijs Dijkhuizen: drums
  • Op piano and vocals Ben Sidren, track from the lp “The Cat and the Hat” recorded in 1979 with Abraham Laboriel: bass, Steve Gadd: drums, Lee Ritenour: guitar, Joe Henderson: tenor sax, Mike Mainieri: vibes
  • The Millennium Jazz Orchestra, live at the Big Band Festival, Hengelo may 15th 2016 with Gerlo Hesselink: alto sax, Job Helmers: baritone sax, Marius v.d. Brink: piano
  • The Ben Webster special, track 239/520, this week Ben’s lp “The Horn” recorded February 8th 1944 with Oran “Hot Lips” Page: trumpet,  Clyde Hart: piano, Charlie Drayton: bass, Denzil Best: drums
  • Vibraphonist Lionel Hampton, track from “Antibes” recorded july 23rd 1964 with a feature for baritone saxophonist Pepper Adams
  • Tenor saxophonist George Adams, track from the lp “Paradise Space Shuttle”  recorded October 1979 with Ron Burton: piano, Don Pate: bass, Al Foster: drums, Azzedin Weston: percussion
  • Guitarist Joop Scholten, track from the lp “Blue Joe and Friends” recorded in 1974 with Rob Franken: fender Rhodes, Koos Serierse: bass, Louis DeBy: drums
  • Tenor saxophonist Dexter Gordon, track from “Live at the Both/and Club” recorded august 7th 1970 with George Duke: piano, Donald Garret: bass, Oliver Johnson: drums
  • The Dutch Hobby Orchestra, track from “Our Time” new release from “Nederlands Jazz Archief//Dutch Jazz Archive”  with Tony Vos, Piet Noordijk, Ferdinand Povel, Frans Elsen, Joop Scholten, Evert Overweg, Herman Schoonderwalt

program no. 1183

  • Start my program with drummer George Kawaguchi, track from the lp “Caravan” recorded in 1967 with Takatoshi Oya: tenor sax, Masaaki Fujita: guitar, Tetsuji Kimura: bass, Joe Sera: piano
  • Trombonist Hiroshi Fukumura, track from his lp “Hunt Up Wind” recorded june 25th 1978 with Sadao Watanabe: alto sax, Don Grusin: keyboards, Cornell Dupree: guitar, Chuck Rainey: electric bass, Harvey Mason: drums, Paulinho Da Costa: percussion
  • French Horn player Hakan Nyqvist , Horncraft—Inside Looking Out, recorded in Stockholm October 2021 & February 2022 Eva-Tea Lundberg: French horn, Erik Palmberg: trumpet, Orjan Hulten: saxes, Sven Berggren: trombone, Torbjorn Gulz: piano, Filip Augustson: bass, Henrik Jaderberg: drums
  • Tenor saxophonist Hank Mobley, track from “Newark 1955” recorded September 28th 1953 with Benny Green: trombone, Walter Davis Jr: piano, Jimmy Schenck: bass, Charlie Persip: drums
  • The Ben Webster special, track 238/520, this week Ben with Hammond organist Richard  “Groove” Holmes, track from the cd “Groove” recorded march 1961
  • Organist Jimmy Smith, track from the lp “Prayer Meetin’” recorded February 8th 1963 with Stanley Turrentine: tenor sax, Quentin Warren: guitar, Donald Bailey: drums
  • The Big Barchem Big Band, track from “Magnifying Glass” recorded December 13 & 14 1997 composer/arranger Joan Reinders, featuring Peter Weniger
  • The new release from the Dutch Jazz Archive ( Nederlands Jazz Archief) The Dutch Hobby Orchestra “Our Time” recorded 1967/1968 with some of the finest Dutch jazz musicans Eddie Engels, Cees Smal, Erik van Lier, Herman Schoonderwalt, Piet Noordijk, Ferdinand Povel, Joop Mastenbroek, Frans Elsen, Rob Langereis, Evert Overweg…………..
  • Vertigo 4, new release from Zennez Records “Good Measure” recorded in 2022 Dirk de Nijs: drums, Matthijs Geerts: keyboards, Milan Bonger: saxes, Rik van der Ouw: electric bass
  • Guitarist Enrico Le Noci, track from the cd “Common Ground ( also on ZenneZ Records) recorded in 2022 with Pietro Mirabassi: tenor sax, Arno Krijger: Hammond organ, Eric Ineke: drums
  • Vibraphonist Dimitris Angelakis, track from his cd “Long Way Home” recorded april 15th 2022 with George Kontrafouris: fender Rhodes, Kimon Karoutzos: bass, Jason Wastor: drums

program no.1182

  • Start my program with tenor saxophonist Stanley Turrentine, track from his lp “The Sugar Man” recorded june 1973 with Harold Mabern: electric piano, Ron Carter: bass, Idris Muhammad: drums, Eric Gale: guitar, Rubens Bassini: congas
  • Tenor saxophonist Hidehiko “Sleepy” Matsumoto track from the lp “Eternal Dreams” recorded November 18th 1996 with 2nd tenorist Johnny Griffin, Antonio Hart: alto sax, Trumpet: Lew Soloff, Vibes: Joe Locke, Cyrus Chestnut: piano, George Mraz: bass, Lewis Nash: drums, Steve Berrios: percussion
  • Hammond organist Raphael Wressnig, track from his new cd “Live-More Groove, More Good Times” recorded in 2022 with Igor Prado: guitar, Yuri Prado: drums
  • Alto and soprano saxophonist Gerlo Hesselink, track from his cd “Garden of Stones” recorded January 17 & 18th 2013 with Dirk Balthaus: piano, Johan Plomp: bass, Henk Zomer: drums
  • The Millennium Jazz Orchestra , track from “Distrust All Rules” plays the music of Henri Gerrits with baritone saxophonist Job Helmers
  • The Ben Webster special, track 237/520-this week Ben with the Duke Ellington Band “The Duke at Fargo” recorded at the Crystal Ballroom, Fargo November 7th 1940
  • The Big Four , track from the lp “Live” recorded in 1977 Hidehiko “Sleepy” Matsumoto: tenor sax, Hachida Nakamura: piano, Mitsuru Ono: bass, George Kawaguchi: drums +++The Swinging Beavers Big Band
  • The Johnny Keating Big Band, track from his lp “Swing Revisited” recorded in 1963 with the English All Star Band, Tubby Hayes, Jimmy Deuchar, Ronnie Chamberlain,  Keith Christie, Freddie Logan, Ronnie Verrell
  • The Millennium Jazz Orchestra, track from the new cd “Both Sides Now” with Marjorie Barnes, arranged and conducted by Joan Reinders, soloist on alto sax Gerlo Hesselink
  • Trumpeter Lasse Lindgren, track from “The Unrecorded Fox” recorded in Gothenburg, February 13 & 15th 2017, soloist on baritone sax Erik Kristoffersson
  • Tenor saxophonist Klas Toresson, track from his cd “Fundamentals” recorded January 24 & 25th 2022 with Leo Lindberg: piano, Erik Soderlind: guitar, Kenji Rabson: bass, Moussa Fadera: drums
  • Trumpeter Lee Morgan, track from his lp “Cornbread” recorded September 18th 1965 with Jackie McLean: alto sax, Hank Mobley: tenor sax, Herbie Hancock: piano, Larry Ridley: bass, Billy Higgins: drums

program no. 1181

  • Start my program with tenor saxophonist BerntRosengren, track from the lp “Plays George Gershwin’s  Porgy and Bess” recorded in 1996 with Carl-Fredrik Orrje: piano, Per-Ola Gadd: bass, Bengt Stark: drums
  • Trumpeter Linley Hamilton, track from his new cd “Ginger’s Hollow” recorded in 2022 with Derek O’ Connor: tenor sax, Cian Boylan: piano, Mark Egan: bass, Adam Nussbaum: drums
  • Tenor saxophonist Sonny Rollins, track from “Live at the Blue Note” recorded November 14th 1984 with Mark Soskin: piano, Bobby Broom: guitar, Bob Cranshaw: bass, Tommy Campbell: drums
  • Chaka Khan, track from her cd “What cha gonna do fro me” recorded in 1980 with Dizzy Gillespie
  • Tenor saxophonist Sam Butera, track from the lp “Thinking Man’s Sax” recorded in 1964
  • The Ben Webster special, track 236/520, this week Ben’s lp “Live in Stampen-Stockholm” recorded march 19th 1973 with Teddy Wilson: piano, Sture Nordin: bass, Ed Thigpen: drums, Arne Ryskog: trumpet
  • The Millennium Jazz Orchestra + Marjorie Barnes, track from the new cd “Both Sides Now” arranger/conductor Joan Reinders and soloist Joao Driessen on tenor  sax
  • Tenor saxophonist Scott Hamilton, track from “Jazzclub Ferrara” recorded February 19th 2022 with Paolo Birro: piano, Aldo Zunino: bass, Alfred Kramer: drums
  • Tenor saxophonist Johnny Griffin, track from the set “Wes Montgomery at Theater des Champs Elysees” recorded march 27th 1965, the soloist on this track is Johnny Griffin(a fantastic solo!!!) with Harold Mabern: piano, Arthur Harper: bass, Jimmy Lovelace: drums
  • Alto saxophonist Charlie Parker, track from “The Mega Rare Restored Vinyl lp at Birdland” recorded august 27th 1954 Bird with Strings and Walter Bishop: piano, Tommy Potter: bass, Roy Haynes: drums
  • The Singers Unlimited, track from the lp “Feeling Free” recorded in 1980 with the Pat Williams Orchestra with vocal arrangements from Gene Puerling

program no. 1180

  • Start my program with tenor saxophonist Ronnie Scott, track from his lp “At The Royal Festival Hall” recorded February 18th 1956 with Jimmy Deuchar & Les Condon: trumpets, Ken Wray: trombone, Derek Humble: alto sax, Ronnie & Peter King: tenor saxes, Benny Green: baritone sax, Stan Tracey: piano, Lennie Bush: bass, Tony Crombie: drums
  • Trumpeter Dizzy Reece, track from the lp ”Star Bright” recorded November 19th 1959 with some of the finest musicans Hank Mobley on tenor, Wynton Kelly: piano, Paul Chambers: bass, Art Taylor: drums
  • Pianist Tania Giannouli, track from the cd “Solo” release date june 8th recorded in Athens
  • Saxophonist and on clarinet John Crocker, track from his lp “Fine and Dandy” recorded april 6th 1983 with Roger Munns: piano, Vic Pitt: bass, Pete York: drums
  • On tenor and alto sax Sonny Stitt, track from the new release “Boppin’in Baltimore- Live at the Leftbank” recorded November 11th 1975 with Kenny Barron: piano, Sam Jones: bass, Louis Hayes: drums
  • The Ben Webster special, track 235/520 this week Ben’s recording from 1944 “The Quartet” recorded march 25th 1944 with Marlow Morris: piano, John Simmons: bass, Big Sid Catlett: drums
  • The New cd from the Millennium Jazz Orchestra with Marjorie Barnes on vocals “Both Sides Now” composer/arranger Joan Reinders , 2 tracks in this program (on trumpet you’ll hear Suzan Veneman)
  • Tenor saxophonist Dexter Gordon track from “Live at Stiftshof” recorded july 3rd 1969 with Dusko Gojkovic: trumpet, Larry Vuckovic: piano, Isla Eckinger: bass, Makaya Ntshoko: drums
  • On the Hammond organ Rhoda Scott, track from “R.S. and sisters in Jazz” recorded January 17th 2023 at the Vibraphonissimo Festival with Tini Tomsen: baritone sax, Izabella Effenberg: vibes, Julie Saury: drums
  • Second track from The Millennium Jazz Orchestra’s new cd “Both Sides Now” featuring Marjorie Barnes

program no. 1179

  • Start my program with tenor saxophonist Hidehiko “Sleepy” Matsumoto track from his lp “ Modern Jazz” recorded in 1960 with Yuzuru Sera: piano, Shungo Sawada: guitar, Shinya Kimura: bass, Takeshi Inomata: drums
  • Alto saxophonist Arne Domnerus, track from the lp “I Let a song go out…” recorded may 29th 1972 with Bengt Hallberg: piano, Georg Riedel: bass, Egil Johansen: drums, Bosse Broberg: trumpet, Bjarne Nerem: tenor sax
  • Tenor saxophonist Dexter Gordon, track from “Jazz at the Maintenance Shop” recorded in 1979 with George Cables: piano, Rufus Reid: bass, Eddie Gladden: drums
  • Pianist Remco Hofman, track from his cd “Mellow Jazzy Moods” recorded in 2022 with Ron Lezer: guitar, Willem van Wijngaarden: bass, Barry Olthof: drums
  • Trumpeter Linley Hamilton has a brand new cd (release date may 26th) “Ginger’s Hollow” with Derek Doc O’ Connor: tenor sax, Cian Boylan: piano, organ and fender Rhodes, Mark Egan: bass, Adam Nussbaum
  • The Ben Webster special, track 234/520 this Ben’s recording “Wayfaring Webster” recorded  September 2nd 1970 with Cees Slinger : piano, Rob Langereis: bass, John Engels: drums
  • Hammond organist Raphael Wressnig, track from his new cd “More Groove, More Good Times” recorded in 2022 with Igor Prado: guitar, Yuri Prado: drums
  • Tenor saxophonist Sonny Rollins live at Concerthus, Stockholm January 17th 1963 with Don Cherry: trumpet, Henry Grimes: bass, Billy Higgins: drums
  • Linley Hamilton (track .2)
  • Tenor saxophonist Stan Getz, track from “Live at Twentse Schouwburg, Enschede” recorded October 5th 1981 with Mitchell Forman: piano, Chuck Loeb: guitar, Mark Egan: bass, Victor Lewis: drums, Bobby Thomas: percussion