Take 5 Jazz


program no.1146

  • Start my program with tenor saxophonist Willis `Gatortail` Jackson track from the lp “In the Alley” recorded in 1976 with Sonny Phillips: piano, Carl Wilson: organ, Jimmy Ponder: guitar, Jimmy Lewis: fender bass, Yusef Ali: drums, Buddy Caldwell: percussion
  • Pianist Stan Kenton, track from his lp “Sketches on Standards” recorded January 28th 1953 with Maynard Ferguson, Conte Candoli: trumpets, Frank Rosolino: trombone, Lee Konitz: alto sax, Bill Holman & Richie Kamuca: tenor saxes, Bob Gioga: baritone sax, Sal Salvador: guitar, Don Bagley: bass, Stan Levey: drums
  • Vibraphonist Lionel Hampton, track from his album “Alive and Jumping” recorded may 7th 1977 with Milt Buckner: piano & organ, Cat Anderson: trumpet, Eddie Chamblee: tenor sax, Paul Moen: alto sax, Billy Mackel: guitar, Barry Smith: bass, Frankie Dunlop: drums
  • Drummer Reinhardt Winkler, track from the new cd “Flying Home” recorded march 2022 with Harry Allen: tenor sax, John DiMartino: piano, Dezron Douglas: bass
  • Trumpeter and on flugelhorn Linley Hamilton track from his album “For the Record”  recorded may 2019 with Derek O’Connor: tenor sax, Cian Boylan: piano, Mark Egan: bass, Adam Nussbaum: drums
  • The Ben Webster special, track 206/520, this week Ben on EmArcy with Johnny Otis and his Orchestra recorded December 26th 1951
  • Composer/arranger Norman Granz track from “The Complete  Jam Sessions vol.4” recorded September 2nd 1953 with Roy Eldridge & Dizzy Gillespie: trumpets, Johnny Hodges: alto sax, Illinois Jacquet, Ben Webster & Flip Phillips: tenor saxes, Lionel Hampton: vibes, Oscar Peterson: piano, Ray Brown: bass, Buddy Rich: drums
  • Vibraphonist Jay Hoggard, track from his album “The Fountain” recorded july 10th 1991 with Kenny Burrell: guitar, James Weidman: piano, Marcus McLaurine: bass, Yoron Israel: drums
  • Tenor saxophonist John Coltrane and vibraphonist Milt Jackson, track from “Bags and Trane” recorded January 15th 1959 with Hank Jones: piano, Paul Chambers: bass, Connie Kay: drums
  • Drummer Bernd Reiter, track from the new album “Dameronia’s Legacy All Stars- Live at Audi Forum Ingolstadt” recorded October 14th 2021 with Jim Rotondi: trumpet, Dick Oatts: alto sax, Jon Boutellier: tenor sax, Rik van den Bergh: baritone sax, Johannes Herrlich: trombone, Andrea Pozza: piano, Aldo Zunino: bass, Bernd on drums

program no.1145

  • Start my program with trumpeter Chet Baker and baritone saxophonist Gerry Mulligan, track from “Carnegie Hall Concert” recorded November 24th 1974 with Bob James:piano, Ron Carter: bass, Harvey Mason: drums, John Scofield: guitars, Dave Samuels: vibes, Ed Byrne: trombome
  • Pianist Dado Moroni, track from his cd “There is no greater Love” recorded 2022 with Jesper Lundgaard: bass, Lee Pearson: drums
  • Tenor saxophonist Paul Heller and trumpeter Ack van Rooyen with a track from the cd “Celebration” recorded april 14th 2009 with Herbert Nuss: piano, John Goldsby: bass, Hans Dekker: drums
  • Tenor saxophonist Stephen Riley, track from his new cd “My Romance” recorded December 2021 with Brian Charette: Hammond organ, Billy Drummond: drums
  • The Ben Webster special track 205/520, this week Ben’s lp “Ben Webster meets Oscar Peterson” recorded November 6th 1959 with Ray Brown: bass, Ed Thigpen: drums
  • On Flugelhorn you’ll hear Chuck Mangione, track from the lp “Children of Sanchez” recorded in 1978 with Don Potter: vocals, Grant Geissman: guitars, Chris Vadala: Saxes, Charles Meeks: bass, James Bradley Jr: drums, Ron Leonard: cello
  • The New Orpheans, track from the cd “To be Continued” with Rik Mol: trumpet, Ko Zuidweg: tenor sax, Marjon van Iwaarden: vocals
  • Vibraphonist Lionel Hampton, track from the lp “Alive and Jumping” recorded may 7th 1977 with Milt Buckner: piano and organ, Billy Mackel: guitar, Barry Smith: bass, Frankie Dunlop: drums, Cat Anderson: trumpet, Paul Moen: alto sax, Eddie Chamblee: tenor sax

program no. 1144

  • Start my program with tenor saxophonist Illinois Jacquet, track from his album “Spectrum” recorded april 30th 1965 with Ernie Royal & Jimmy Nothingham: trumpets, Buddy Lucas: tenor sax, Haywood Henry: baritone sax, Ed Stoute: piano, Billy Butler & Eric Gale: guitars, Leonard Gaskin: bass, Herbie Lovelle: drums
  • Tenor saxophonist Leo Janssen, track from his album “Echoes of the Heart” recorded in 2017 with Peter Tiehuis: guitar, Xander Buvelot: bass, Arno van Nieuwenhuize: drums, Eddy Koopman: percussion
  • Trumpeter Lasse Lindgren, track from his album “Baltic Waves” recorded in 2018 with Latvian Radio Big Band
  • Tenor saxophonists Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis & Johnny Griffin, track from “Live at Onkel Po’s Carnegie Hall” recorded august 8th 1975 with Tete Montoliu: piano, Niels Henning Orsted Pedersen: bass, Art Taylor: drums
  • The Ben Webster special, track 204/520, this week Ben’s Lp “At The Renaissance” recorded October 14th 1960 with Jimmy Rowles: piano, Jim Hall: guitar, Red Mitchell: bass, Frank Butler: drums
  • Tenor saxophonist Rinus Groeneveld, track from his album “Wild Orchid” recorded in 1999 with Nick van den Bos: piano, Eric Barkman: bass, Roberto Haliffi: drums
  • Alto saxophonist Julian “Cannonball” Adderley, track from his album “Cannonball’s  Sharpshooters” recorded march 4th 1958 with Nat Adderley: trumpet, Junior Mance: piano, Sam Jones: bass, Jimmy Cobb: drums
  • Tenor saxophonists Paul Heller & Roman Schwaller, track from “Paul Heller meets Roman Schwaller” recorded October 15th 2016 with Martin Sasse: piano, Thomas Stabenow: bass, Niklas Walter: drums
  • Native Son, track from the lp “Coast to Coast” recorded in 1980 live at the Bottom Line N.Y. Japanese All Star band with Takehiro Hando: fender Rhodes, Kohsuke Mine: tenor sax, Hiroshi Fukumura: trombone
  • Tenor saxophonist Hans Koller, track from “Big Sound Koller” recorded January 27th 1961 with Ack van Rooyen: trumpet

program no:1143

  • Start my program with baritone saxophonist Justin Chart, track from his cd “Keep the Blue” recorded in 2022 with Michael Rosen: keyboards, Alexander Burke: vibes, Bill Markus: bass, Kyle Crane: drums
  • Tenor saxophonist Willis “Gatortail Jackson track from the lp “Nothing Butt…” recorded june 20th 1980 with Pat Martino: guitar, Charles Earland: organ, Grady Tate: drums, Buddy Caldwell: congas
  • Tenor saxophonist Paul Heller, track from his cd “Special Edition vol.3” recorded may 13th 2012 with Simon Nabatov: piano, Ingmar Heller: bass, Adam Nussbaum: drums
  • French Toast with track from the lp “French Toast” recorded april 7th 1984 Peter Gordon: French Horn, Lew Soloff: trumpet, Jerry Dodgion: alto sax, Michel Camilo: piano, Anthony Jackson: bass, Steve Gadd: drums, Sammy Figuroa & Gordon Gottlieb: percussion
  • Composer/Arranger Pete Rugolo track from the lp “Rugolo plays Kenton” recorded October 25th 1958 with Shely Manne drums, Bob Cooper, Chuck Gentry, Bud Shank: saxes
  • The Ben Webster special, track 203/520 this week Ben at Ronnie Scott’s “The Punch” recorded December 11th 1964 with Stan Tracey: piano,  Rick Laird: bass, Jackie Dougan: drums
  • Drummer Max Roach, track from “Now’s the Time” recorded January 19th 1984 with Sam Rivers: soprano sax, Odeon Pope: tenor sax, Cecil Bridgewater: trumpet, Tyron Brown: electric bass
  • Tenor saxophonists Al Cohn and Zoot Sims track from “Emma Jazz” recorded june 14th 1982 with Hank Jones: piano, Ron Carter: bass, Alan Dawson: drums
  • Trio from pianist Hank Jones “Emma Jazz” with Ron Carter: bass, Alan Dawson: drums
  • The Modern Jazz Quartet, track from “Reunion at Budokan” recorded October 19th 1981 with Milt Jackson: vibes, John Lewis: piano, Percy Heath: bass, Connie Kay: drums

program no. 1142

  • Start my program with tenor saxophonists Big Jay McNeely & Rinus Groeneveld track from “Party Time” recorded march 2009 with Martijn Schok: keyboards, Stefan Jankowski: guitar, Sergei Shapko: bass, Maarten Kruijswijk: drums
  • Drummer Jack Parnell, track from “Parnell on Parade”  recorded September 20th 1955 with tenor saxophonist Red Price
  • Drummer Bob Peckman, track from his cd “In the Pocket” recorded November 22nd 1999 with Royce Campbell: guitar, Hod O’Brien: piano, Hans Mantel: bass
  • Drummer Buddy Rich, track from  “Take the “A” Train” recorded in 1977 with Barry Kiener: piano, Tommy Warrington: bass, Candido: congas, Lionel Hampton: vibes, Steve Marcus, Gary Pribeck & Paul Moen: tenor saxes
  • The Ben Webster special, track 202/520 this week Ben with Don Byas live in Amsterdam , recorded april 8th 1967 with Cees Slinger: piano, Jacques Schols: bass, Peter Ypma: drums
  • Trumpeter Ruud Breuls and tenor saxophonist Simon Rigter track from the cd “Rise and Shine” recorded January 2/3rd 2019 with  Karel Boehlee: keyboards, Jos Machtel: bass, Marcel Serierse: drums
  • Tenor saxophonist Dexter Gordon, track from “ The N.Y. Broadcast”  recorded august 20th 1945 with Don Byas, Ben Webster & Herbie Fields: tenor saxes, Stuff Smith: violin, Duke Ellington: piano, Al Casey: guitar, Al Lucas: bass, Eddie Nicholson: drums
  • Baritone saxophonist Rik van den Bergh, track from the cd “Reserge” recorded june 2007 with Marco Kegel & Jan Smit: alto sax, Simon Rigter & Sjoerd Dijkhuizen: tenor sax, Erik Doelman: piano, Frans van Geest: bass, Gijs Dijkhuizen: drums
  • Tenor saxophonist Klas Toresson, track from his cd “Fundamentals”  recorded January 24-25th 2022 with Leo Lindberg: piano, Kenji Rabson: bass, Erik Soderlind: guitar, Moussa Fadera: drums
  • Tenor saxophonist Klaus Doldinger, track from “The Atlantic Family at Montreux”  recorded in 1977 with Herbie Mann: flute, Sonny Fortune & David Newman: alto sax, Dick Morrissey, Molly Duncan & Klaus Doldinger: tenor saxes, Rogel Ball: keyboards, Hamish Stuart & Jim Mullen: guitars, Alan Gorrie: bass, Steve Ferrone:  drums, Sammy Figuroa: percussion

program no.1141

  • Start my program with drummer Clark Tracey, track from his new album “The Legacy” with Dominic Galea: piano, Alan Barnes: saxes, Alan Somogyi: bass, Mark Armstrong: trumpet
  • Tenor saxophonist Paul Heller, track from “Special Edition vol. 2” recorded October 24th 2011 with Olaf Polziehn: piano, John Goldsby: bass, Al Foster: drums
  • Tenor saxophonist Dick Morrissey, track from “It’s Morrissey, Man!!!” recorded april 27th 1961 with Stan Jones: piano, Malcolm Cecil: bass, Colin Barnes: drums
  • Trumpeter Kenny Dorham, track from his album “Afro Cuban” recorded march 29th 1955 with J.J. Johnson: trombone, Hank Mobley: tenor sax, Cecil Payne: baritone sax, Horace Silver: piano, Oscar Pettiford: bass, Carlos “Potato” Valdez: congas, Art Blakey: drums
  • The Ben Webster special, track 201/520 this week Ben with Stan Tracey with a track from “Soho Nights vol. 1” Ben: tenor, San Tracey: piano, Dave Green: bass, Tony  Crombie: drums
  • The Dutch Jazz Collective new recording on Zennez records , main soloist on the cd are Jan van Duinkerken: trumpet & Benjamin Herman: alto sax
  • The Bernard van Rossum Flamenco Big Band, track from “Del Rio A La Mar” also a Zennez recording
  • Tenor saxophonist Zoot Sims, recorded September 16th1950 with John Lewis: piano, Curly Russell: bass, Don Lamond: drums
  • Tenor saxophonist Lester Young , recorded January 16th 1951 with John Lewis: piano, Gene Ramey: bass, Jo Jones: drums
  • Trombonist Chris Barber, track from his album “Echoes of Ellington vol.1” recorded june3 1976 with Pat Halcox: trumpet, John Crocker: saxes, clarinet, John Slaugter: guitar, Johnny McCallm: guitar, banjo, Jackie Flavelle: bass, Pete York: drums
  • Amstel Octet, track from the album “Hazy Hugs” recorded September 22nd 1985 Chet Baker & Edu Ninck Blok: trumpets, Evert Hekkema: baritone horn, Kees van Lier: alto sax, Dick de Graaf: tenor sax, Jan Vennik: baritone sax, Bert van den Brink: piano, Hein van de Geyn: bass, John Engels: drums

program no.1140

  • Start my program with vibraphonist Milt Jackson and bassist Ray Brown, track from “ recorded January 1965 with Clark Terry, Urbie Green, Hank Jones, Albert “Tootie” Heath
  • Drummer Brian Melvin, track from his new album “Sound Color” recorded February 12th 2022 at Philly Joes, Talinn Estonia with Mart Soo: guitar, Taavo Remmel: bass, Aleksander Paal: saxes
  • Trumpeter Miles Davis, track from “Miles Davis All Stars” recorded august 14th 1947 with Charlie Parker: tenor sax, John Lewis: piano, Nelson Boyd: bass, Max Roach: drums
  • Drummer Roy Haynes, track from “My Shinning Hour” recorded march 1994 with Tomas Franck: tenor sax, Thomas Clausen: piano, Niels Henning Orsted Pedersen: bass
  • Trombonist J.J. Johnson track from “J.J. Johnson’s Boppers” recorded may 11th 1949 with Sonny Rollins: tenor sax, John Lewis: piano, Gene Ramey: bass, Shadow Wilson: drums
  • Tenor saxophonist Paul Heller, track from his album “Special Edition vol.1” recorded December 13th 2010 with Michael Abene: piano, John Goldsby: bass, John Engels: drums
  • The Ben Webster special, track 200/520 this week “Ben live in Pescara” recorded july 30th 1972 with Kenny Drew: piano, Charles Mingus: bass, Roy Brooks: drums
  • Trumpeter Ack van Rooyen, track from “90” recorded summer 2020 with Paul Heller: tenor sax, Peter Tiehuis: guitars, Herbert Nuss: piano, Ingmar Heller: bass, Hans Dekker: drums
  • Tenor saxophonist Michael Cheret, track from “Manaverem” recorded in 2012
  • Pianist Rob van Bavel, track from his album “Time for Ballads-The Maene Sessions” recorded October 10th 2021 with Frans van Geest: bass, Marcel Serierse: drums
  • Vibraphonist Cal Tjader, track from his album with tenor saxophonist Stan Getz “Sextet” recorded February 1963 with Vince Guaraldi: piano, Eddie Duran: guitar, Scott LaFaro: bass, Billy Higgins: drums
  • Vibraphonist Lionel Hampton with tenorist Stan Getz “Hamp & Getz” recorded august 1st 1955 with Lou Levy: piano, Leroy Vinnegar: bass, Shelly Manne: drums