Take 5 Jazz


  • This week I have a “Sonny Rollins” special, the first track is from the “Bottom Line in  N.Y “ recorded November 12th 1994 Sonny on tenor , Clifton Anderson: trombone, Mike LeDonne: piano, Bob Cranshaw: bass, Victo See Yuen: percussion, Billy Drummond: drums
  • Sonny live in Paris recorded October 29th 1982 with Bobby Broom & Yoshiaki Masuo: guitars, Lincoln Goines: bass, Tommy Campbell: drums
  • Live at McCarter Theater april 16th 1999 Sonny Rollins: tenor sax, Clifton Andersen: trombone, Stephen Scott: piano, Bob Cranshaw: bass, Perry Wilson: drums
  • Sonny with a track from the lp “Horn Culture” recorded in 1973 Sonny: tenor sax, Walter Davis Jr: piano, Masuo: guitar, Bob Cranshaw: bass, David Lee: drums, Mtume: percussion
  • Pori , Finland july 13th 1979  Sonny Rollins: tenor sax, Mark Soskin: piano, Jerome Harris: bass, Al Foster: drums
  • Sonny at Ronnie Scott’s Club januari 28th 1965 with Stan Tracey: piano, Rick Laird: bass, Ronnie Stephenson: drums
  • The Rolling Stones (2 tracks)recorded in 1981 Mick Jagger: vocals, harmonica, Keith Richards: guitar, Ronnie Wood: guitar, Bill Wyman: bass, Charlie Watts: drums & Sonny Rollins on tenor sax
  • The Ben Webster special track 121/520 now “Ben Webster live in Paradiso” Ben on tenor, Cees Slinger: piano, Rob Langereis: bass, Han Bennink: drums recorded in 1968
  • Track from “Sonny in Holland” recorded may 5th 1967 Sonny with Ruud Jacobs: bass, Han Bennink: drums