Take 5 Jazz

program no.1176

  • Start my program with tenor saxophonist Willis “Gatortail” Jackson track from his lp “Headed and Gutted” recorded may 16th 1974 with Mickey Tucker: keyboards, Bob Cranshaw: bass, Pat Martino: guitar, Freddie Waits: drums, Richard Landrum & Sonny Morgan: percussion
  • Tenor saxophonist Spike Robinson, track from “The CTS Session” recorded October 29th 1998 with John Williams: piano, Bill Crow: bass, Pete Cater: drums, Louis Stewart: guitar
  • Tenor and soprano saxophonist Ben van den Dungen, track from the new cd “Obsesion Blues” recorded September 30th 2022 with Miguel Rodriguez: piano, Steven Willem Zwanink: bass, Mitchell Damen: drums
  • The Chris Barber Jazz and Blues Band, track from the lp “The Class of ‘78” recorded December 24th 1978 with Chris on trombone, Pat Halcox: trumpet, John Crocker: clarinet, alto & tenor sax, Sammy Rimington: alto sax, clarinet, Roger Hill: guitar, Johnny McCallum: banjo, guitar, Vic Pitt: bass, Pete York: drums
  • The Ben Webster special, track 231/520  this week Ben’s lp “The Soul of Ben Webster” recorded july 1958 with Art Farmer: trumpet, Harold Ashby: tenor sax, Jimmy Jones: piano, Mundell Lowe: guitar, Milt Hinton: bass, Dave Bailey: drums
  • Tenor saxophonist Ike Quebec, track from his album “With a song in my heart” recorded February 1962 with Earl Vandyke: organ, Willie Jones: guitar, Sam Jones: bass, Wilbert Hogan: drums
  • The Millennium Jazz Orchestra, track from the cd “Pretty Pumps” recorded june 29 & 30th 2009 composer/arranger Joan Reinders with soloists Job Helmers: baritone sax, Vincent Veneman: trombone
  • Willis”Gatortail” Jackson info first track!!!!
  • Trumpeter Suzan Veneman, track from her cd “Migrations of the Mind” recorded February 2021 with Joao Driessen: tenor sax, Vincent Veneman: trombone, Timothy Banchet: keyboards, Tijs Klaassen: bass, Wouter Kuhne: drums
  • Drummer Bob Peckman, track from his album “Go with the Flow” recorded in 2003 with Jerry Weldon: tenor sax, Royce Campbell: guitar, Gary Moran: piano, Bob Bowen: bass