Take 5 Jazz

program no. 1168

  • Start my program with pianist Count Basie, track from the album “Basie Jam 2 “ , recorded may 6th 1976with Benny Carter: alto sax, Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis: tenor sax, Clark Terry: trumpet, Al Grey: trombone, Joe Pass: guitar, John Heard: bass, Louis Bellson: drums
  • Guitarist Louis Stewart, track from  “Out of his Own”  recorded nov 76/ jan. 77
  • Pianist Coen Molenaar ( Conrad Miller) track from his solo cd “Little Wallflowers”  Coen played a Steinway Piano
  • Pianist John Donegan, track from the cd “A Kite for Kate”  The Irish Sextet: John on piano, Dan Bodwell: bass, John Daly: drums, Linley Hamilton: trumpet & flugelhorn, Michael Buckley: alto & soprano sax, Richie Buckley: tenor and soprano sax
  • Saxion V  recorded  july 4 & 5th 1997 with Will Jasper: alto sax, Harry Broekman: alto sax, Paul van Batenburg: tenor sax, Anne Zwaga: tenor sax, Juan Martinez: baritone sax, Joe Dickelbach: piano, Frans van Geest: bass, Martijn Vink: drums
  • The Ben Webster special, track 223/520 this week Ben in Hilversum, September 5th 1970 with Cees Slinger: piano, Rob Langereis: bass, John Engels: drums
  • Pianist Rob van Bavel and bassist Joris Teepe , track from the cd “Dutch Connection”
  • Two tracks from the Millennium Jazz Orchestra, from the cd “Triangular” recorded February 19 & 20th 2000 with soloists Gerlo Hesselink,  Martijn Vink, Philip Catherine composer/arranger Joan Reinders
  • Drummer Roberto Pistolesi  track from his cd “Open Lands and Moving People” recorded in 2022 with Roberto Tarenzi: piano, Teis Semey: guitars, Zack Lober: basses, Sanne Huijbergts: vibes and vocals, Pasha Shcherbakov: trombone, Daniet Juarez: tenor sax
  • Tenor saxophonist Harry Allen, track from the cd “Someone to light up my life” recorded in 1991 with John Horler: piano, Pete Morgan: bass, Oliver Jackson: drums