Take 5 Jazz

program no.1145

  • Start my program with trumpeter Chet Baker and baritone saxophonist Gerry Mulligan, track from “Carnegie Hall Concert” recorded November 24th 1974 with Bob James:piano, Ron Carter: bass, Harvey Mason: drums, John Scofield: guitars, Dave Samuels: vibes, Ed Byrne: trombome
  • Pianist Dado Moroni, track from his cd “There is no greater Love” recorded 2022 with Jesper Lundgaard: bass, Lee Pearson: drums
  • Tenor saxophonist Paul Heller and trumpeter Ack van Rooyen with a track from the cd “Celebration” recorded april 14th 2009 with Herbert Nuss: piano, John Goldsby: bass, Hans Dekker: drums
  • Tenor saxophonist Stephen Riley, track from his new cd “My Romance” recorded December 2021 with Brian Charette: Hammond organ, Billy Drummond: drums
  • The Ben Webster special track 205/520, this week Ben’s lp “Ben Webster meets Oscar Peterson” recorded November 6th 1959 with Ray Brown: bass, Ed Thigpen: drums
  • On Flugelhorn you’ll hear Chuck Mangione, track from the lp “Children of Sanchez” recorded in 1978 with Don Potter: vocals, Grant Geissman: guitars, Chris Vadala: Saxes, Charles Meeks: bass, James Bradley Jr: drums, Ron Leonard: cello
  • The New Orpheans, track from the cd “To be Continued” with Rik Mol: trumpet, Ko Zuidweg: tenor sax, Marjon van Iwaarden: vocals
  • Vibraphonist Lionel Hampton, track from the lp “Alive and Jumping” recorded may 7th 1977 with Milt Buckner: piano and organ, Billy Mackel: guitar, Barry Smith: bass, Frankie Dunlop: drums, Cat Anderson: trumpet, Paul Moen: alto sax, Eddie Chamblee: tenor sax