Take 5 Jazz

program no.1136

  • Start my program with trumpeter Red Rodney and alto saxophonist/clarinetist Herman Schoonderwalt, track from the cd “Scrapple from the Apple” recorded January 12th 1975 with Nico Bunink: piano, Wim Essed: bass, Peter Ypma: drums
  • Pianist Hod O’Brien track from his cd “The Fabulous Hod O”Brien Trio” recorded December 15th 1986 with Harry Emmery: bass, John Engels: drums
  • Tenorist Tubby Hayes, track from his lp “TUBBS” recorded march 21st 1961 with Terry Shannon: piano, Jeff Clyne: bass, Bill Eyden: drums
  • Tenorist Ferdinand Povel. Track from his cd “Some other Blues”  recorded November 5th 1988 with Wim Overgaauw: guitar, Rob Langereis: bass, John Engels: drums
  • The Ben Webster special, track 196/520, this week Ben’s lp “Valentine’s Day 1964” with Dave Frishberg: piano, Richard Davis: bass, Grady Tate: drums
  • Vibraphonist Dave Samuels, track from his cd “Tjaderized” recorded in 1998 with Alain Mallet: accordion, Steve Khan: guitar, John Benitez: bass, Karl Perazzo: percussion, Horacio “El Negro” Hernandez: drums
  • Pianist Tsuyoshi Yamamoto, track from his lp “Misty for Direct Cutting” recorded February 2021 with Hiroshi Kagawa: bass, Toshio Osumi: drums
  • The Fletcher Henderson Big Band with Coleman Hawkins on tenor sax, recorded November 4th 1927
  • Trombonist/bandleader Demetrios Kastaris, track from his album “Trombon Con Sazon” recorded in 1998
  • One a the finest latin groups in the Netherlands Massada with Johnny Manuhutu, Rudy de Queljoe, Jan Jermias, Freddy Anindjola, Jopie Manuhutu, James Sabandar, Daniel Bloem Beretty, Alvin Manuhuwa, Nippy Noya