Take 5 Jazz

program no. 1131

  • Start my program with  pianist Himiko Kikuchi, track from his album “Don’t be stupid” recorded in 1980 with tenor saxophonist Ernie Watts
  • Pianist Max Lim, track from his cd “The 88-er and Friends” recorded December 1995 with Henk Haverhoek: bass, Han Brink: drums
  • Guitarist Iago Banet, track from his album “A Sunset Wine” recorded in 2019 with Graeme Wheatley: bass, Manuel Brey: drums
  • Trumpeter John Marschall, track from his cd “The Saint Petersburg Sessions” recorded july 24th 2017 with Andrey Zimovets: piano, Nickolai Zatolochnyi: bass, Egor Kryukovskikh: drums
  • Baritone saxophonist Kevin Goss, track from his album “Gratitude” recorded in 2018 with Brian O” Kane: trumpet, Dave Restivo: piano, Nathan Hiltz: guitar, Jim Vivian: bass, Ted Warren: drums
  • The Ben Webster special, track 191/520, this week Ben with a track from “ No Fool, No Fun” recorded October 27th 1970
  • The Preacher Men. Track from “Preaching Out Loud” recorded in 2016 Rob Mostert: Hammond organ, Efraim Trujilo: tenor sax, Chris Strik: drums
  • The N.Y. All Stars, track from “Burnin’in London” recorded November 20th 2017 Tenor sax: Eric Alexander, Piano: Harold Mabern, Bass: Darryl Hall, Drums: Bernd Reiter
  • The Brooklyn Sessions, recorded january 11th 2019 Marko Churnchetz: piano, Joris Teepe: bass, Billy Hart: drums
  • Tenor saxophonist Coen Kaldeway, track from his album “Vanishing Point” recorded in 2021 with Daan Herweg: piano, Tobias Nijboer: bass, Mark van Kersbergen: drums
  • Trumpeter Erik Palmberg, track from his album “In Between” recorded in 2021 with pianist Anton Dromberg
  • The Concord Super Band, track from the lp “In Tokyo”  recorded in 1979 with Scott Hamilton: tenor sax, Warren Vache: trumpet, Cal Collins: guitar, Ross Tompkins: piano, Monty Budwig: bass, Jake Hanna: drums