Take 5 Jazz

No. 998

  • Start my program with pianist Harold Mabern (20-3-1936//17-9-2019) and tenor saxophonist George Coleman(8-3-1935)their new cd “The Quartet” with John Webber:bass, Joe Farnsworth:drums
  • Pianist Michel Camilo track from the cd “Essence” with Ricky Rodriguez:bass, Cliff Almond:drums, Eliel Lazo:percussion and a big band
  • Tenor saxophonist Coleman Hawkins  track from his lp “The Hawk in Paris” recorded in 1956
  • New “Cellar live” cd from 2 tenor saxophonists Pat LaBarbera and Kirk MacDonald “Trane of Thought” with Brian Dickinson:piano, Neil Swainson:bass, Joe LaBarbera:drums
  • Ben Webster special track 60/520 track from the lp “No Fool, No Fun” with a feature for Ben and 2 singers Matty Peters and Freddy Albeck recorded in 1970
  • Guitarist Steve Khan  track from the cd “Patchwork” with Ruben Rodriguez:bass, Dennis Chambers:drums, Randy Brecker:trumpet, Bob Mintzer:tenor sax,  recorded in 2019
  • The Mike Stern/Jeff Lorber Fusion  track from the cd “Eleven”  with Jimmy Haslip:bass, Vinnie Colaiuta or Dave Weckl:drums  recorded in 2019
  • Baritone saxophonist Ronnie Ross with Art Ellefson:tenor sax, Stan Jones:piano, Stan Wasser:bass, Allan Ganley:drums recorded in 1958, track from the lp “The Jazz Makers”
  • Tenor saxophonist Vic Ash with Harry Klein:baritone sax, Brian Dee:piano, Malcom Cecil:bass, Bill Eyden:drums track from the lp “The Jazz Five-The Hooter!!” recorded in 1960
  • New cd from percussionist Poncho Sanchez “Trane’s Delight” with Robert Hardt:saxophones,Andy Langham:piano, Rene Camacho:bass, Joey DeLeon:percussion.